Unique Ingredients

We use only the best quality raw materials in the world.

Approximately 30% of the raw material intake comes from Çangal Tarım enterprises, which belongs to Çağatay family.

Other raw materials are imported directly from suppliers (without a trader between) who produce the highest quality in the world. Raw material consignments are periodically carried out from different countries.

All raw materials coming to our factory after the analysis values are approved for compliance with the required criteria are placed in our raw material warehouses composed of 12.000 m² closed area and checked and inspected in full compliance with the HACCP regulations.

Çağatay Pet Food Ingredients World Map
Poultry Meal: Germany
   United Kingdom
Anchovy Meal: Turkey
Salmon Meal: Norway
Krill Meal: Uruguay
Chicken Oil: England
Salmon Oil: Norway
Anchovy Oil: Turkey
Glucosamine & Chondroitin: United Kingdom
Herb Blends: United Kingdom
Brewer’s Yeast: Turkey
Vitamins & Minerals: Switzerland, France
L-Carnitine: China
Taurine: China
Natural Palatability Enhancers: France
Phenomind™: France
Rice (Baldo): Turkey
Corn: Turkey
(Çağatay family production)
Wheat Meal: Turkey
Sugar Beet Pulp: Russia
Carob: Turkey
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