Oktay Çağatay's Speech at the Organization
In the beginning this company was established with endless investments and savings. Since then we have never dieviated from our mission, to devote our efforts to information and technology and to then share our knowledge.

I am the founder of this company however now the younger generation who has been with me on this journey will take my place.

We have worked for many years together and they have taken their experience and knowledge from me. With patience and hard work I am convinced they will march forward knowing and fullfilling our goals.

We will succeed and the ones who are with us will succeed also, but our greatest achievement is that we will be beneficial to our country.

This is our pride, our work and our promise.

Founder & Chairman of the Board

About Our Company

For pets a healthy life means unrestricted mobility, well management of their energy levels, maintenance of a stable immune system, support of cognitive alertness and visual performance.

Cats and dogs that are active during their whole lives need a healthy diet so that their bodies can function ideally.

What are required for pets to run, jump, play or hunt as they wish are energy, joints functioning completely, optimum muscle performance, cardiovascular endurance, an acute mind and a healthy paw pads.

All these are physical properties for pets to feel themselves well.

Çağatay Pet Food Nutrition Philosophy

Phenomind™: a natural solution to limit the effects of aging on dogs and maintain the bond between pets and owners.

Our new adult dog foods have a strong positive impact on memory regression by ageing on dogs of all breeds. It helps maintain the communication and of course friendship bonds between pets and owners for a longer time by protecting dogs’ cognitive abilities through ageing.

Approximately 30% of the raw material intake comes from Çangal Tarım enterprises, which belongs to Çağatay family.

Other raw materials are imported directly from suppliers (without a trader between) who produce the highest quality in the world. Raw material consignments are periodically carried out from different countries.

Çağatay Pet Food Ingredients World Map

In our laboratory, 360 physical analyzes and 100 chemical analyzes are performed on average per day.

The raw materials of animal and vegetable origin are carefully selected by our EU certified international and domestic suppliers for us and go through several examinations till they arrive our factory.

When the products arrive our factory, physical and chemical analyzes are carried out in accordance with the Raw Material Analysis Plan before accepted to the warehouse. They are sent to the warehouse after the suitability approval has been received. Moreover microbiological and toxicological analyzes on the products are maintained periodically.

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