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We communicate with thousands of our customers each day.

For so many years; we reach our pet food we produced directly to the end consumers in Turkey in the freshest way through our online sales store.

Today, we have a total of more than 400.000 registered members and almost 100.000 active monthly users in Turkey.

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Over the years we have developed our products with our consumers. We have produced various types of petfood meeting different needs. We have improved our quality day by day and prepared several products at different prices.

We have told our customers: “Do not listen to anyone but your pet friends while buying petfood! Because they will tell you the quality, freshness and taste better than anyone else.”

Our consumers have supported us in a way much more than we could have ever imagined. They have followed the developments of their friends, transmitted their observations to us instantaneously and they still continue to do so.

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