Micho Premium Cat Food Packages
Complete & Balanced for all breeds

MICHO ADULT CAT FOOD (Rich in Chicken)

Micho Adult Cat is formulated by professional pet food nutritionists and is produced by extruder technology to maximise its quality. This gentle cooking process ensures that your cat’s obtains all the nutrients that it needs every day from the food.

Micho Adult Cat contains carefully selected ingredients, with an optimum balance of nutritional value, and particular attention has been paid to ingredients that support renal health and provide optimal digestion.

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Micho Premium Pet Food Ingredient
Body Condition and Strong Muscle Structure

Micho Adult Cat contains high-quality animal proteins, such as chicken and fish, which provide balanced amino acids for muscle structure and good body condition.

Healthy and Shiny Hair/fur

Enriched with high Omega-3 anchovy oil and Omega-6 from refined chicken oil to provide an optimal ratio for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Healty Digestive System

Containing healthy grains and rice to promote digestion, which helps to save energy for vital activities. Optimal digestion maximizes the utilization of ingredients, thus reduces faeces volume as well as improving consistency.

Eyesight & Heart Care

Essential taurine is added in generous quantities to ensure correct functioning of the nervous sytem and eyes, and to support a strong heart.

Without Tartar and Healthy Teeth

Special fibres are added to produce a kibble texture that helps to keep teeth free from tartar and plaque.

Petfoods formulated by a world famous nutritionist…
Quality management

360 physical analyzes and 100 chemical analyzes approximately per day…

Sustainability with high technological standards and quality raw material suppliers…
A Healthy Life

A happy and healthy life with our pet friends…

Micho Premium Cat Food Package
Analytical Constituents
Nutritional Additives
Fat Content15%
Crude Ash8%
Crude Fibre2,80%
Vitamin A15000 IU/kg
Vitamin D3900 IU/kg
Vitamin E90 mg/kg
Vitamin K30,26 mg/kg
Vitamin C15 mg/kg
Vitamin B110,76 mg/kg
Vitamin B29,21 mg/kg
Vitamin B69,21 mg/kg
Vitamin B120,06 mg/kg
Pantothenic Acid10,89 mg/kg
Folic Acid1,84 mg/kg
Niacin72 mg/kg
Biotin0,21 mg/kg
Taurin1500 mg/kg
Copper (as Sulphate)18 mg/kg
Zinc (as Sulphate)75 mg/kg
Zinc (as Chelate)18 mg/kg
Manganese (as Sulphate)30 mg/kg
Selenium (as Selenite)0,3 mg/kg

Other products of our Micho Brand

Micho Activated Carbon Cat Litter

6 L (5,1 kg)

0,6 – 2,25 mm Granular Size Range



Thanks to its active carbon formula, it has an extra powerful effect on eliminating bad odour. It is a completely natural product and does not contain any toxic substances that would be harmful to your cat. High liquid absorption enables quicker clumbing. Quickly absorbs the liquid and does not allow bacteria formation. Confines the liquid by absorbing in a short time, does not allow bacterial growth.

Quickly Absorbs Moisture & OdoursExtra Strong ClumpingLong-term & Comfortable Use

Fine-grained formula without perfume for sensitive cats

100% Natural Bentonite CLUMPING CAT LITTER

With its fine-grained structure and natural bentonite’s feature of super liquid absorption, it quickly creates durable and easy to clean little lumps. Due it generates less waste than ordinary litters, it provides a longer and economical usage.
Unscented for cats sensitive to odours, 100% natural bentonite cat litter.

Quickly Absorbs Wetness & OdoursExtra Strong ClumpingLong-term & Comfortable Use
Micho İnce Taneli Bentonit Kedi Kumu

11,4 L (10 kg)

0,5 – 2,5 mm Granular Size Range

10 L (11,8 kg)

0,6 – 4.0 mm Granular Size Range


Ideal for long-haired cats with coarse granules special formule

100% Natural Bentonite CLUMPING CAT LITTER

After you shake the cat litter toilet and make sure that small particles moved down to the bottom, large particles left on top will not stick on the paws of your cat and be carried into the home. Small particles at the bottom will quickly form strong clumps; thus it will help you during the cleaning and prevent mud formation at the bottom of the cat litter toilet.

Quickly Absorbs Wetness & OdoursDust Free & Non-TrackingLong-term & Comfortable Use
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