Production & Packaging

Çağatay high tech production facilities

Our hightech production facilities are rigorously managed by professional staff who always maintains training.

Çağatay Evcil Hayvan Mamaları ve Yem Ürünleri San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. has reached its current pioneer and leading position in petfood sector in Turkey by evaluating its knowledge and experience acquired by performing a detailed and meticulous work since 1982 optimally in the production area.

As a company which brings extruder (Wenger – US) technology to pet food industry in Turkey and produces the first domestic pet food at beyond European standards, we use the latest technology and complete automation systems today.

Since the day it was founded, Çağatay Evcil Hayvan Mamaları ve Yem Ürünleri San. ve Tic. A.Ş. has become an important part of the information flow in global petfood industry with its strong, sincere and trustworthy international relationships.

Our food formulas are determined by distinguished nutritionists who have proven themselves in the international petfood industry and our hightech production facilities are rigorously managed by professional staff who always maintains training.

Production Processes

  • The raw materials are discharged to the raw material receiving pool by calculating their usage amounts according to the prepared production schedule and passed through the magnets, filter and cleaner respectively and then transferred to the operating silos.
  • Petfood ration is taken from the silos as one-tonne batch according to the mixture percentages uploaded in the computer control system and pulled through the vertical mixers.
  • The one-tonne charge that has been mixed in the vertical mixer is sent to the grinder. The specific petfood ration, which turned into meal in the grinder, is passed through a circular sieve (Allgaier – Germany) and the particle sizes are standardized. And then it is taken to the horizontal mixer.
  • Vitamins and minerals such as taurine, glucosamine and chondroitin, which are necessary additives for our pet friends, are added into the horizontal mixer (Van Aarsen – Netherlands), at determined quantites in the automatic premixing system and it is stirred at certain amounts of time for an homogeneous mixture.
  • The prepared meal mixture is taken from the horizontal mixer to the pre-conditioner where it is cooked by an addition of steam, water and oil and turned into a dough then passed through the cooking unit (Wenger – USA).
  • The pre-cooked warm dough passes through the extruder machine (Wenger – USA) where the cooking process continues with water and steam addition but also with the mechanical energy by compressing while passing through the screws and eventually petfood is shaped with the moulds and knife.
  • The cooked and shaped petfood passes through the dryer in order to reduce its moisture levels and then is subject to the surface lubrication as it passes through the lubricant line (Wenger – USA).
  • After the end product passes through the cooler (Wenger – USA) and cools down to ambient temperature, it is sieved once again and transported to the packaging building via closed system belts that have magnet and cleaning units (Cimbria – Denmark).

All of the above-described production is carried out through fully automated and computer controlled systems, which ensures continuous and sustainable quality in production.


In our packaging facilities (Cetec-France), the product is automatically filled in package first and then the air in the package is vacuumed and sealed with heat sealing technique.

A unique batch number is assigned for each tonne of pet food produced in one tonne batch, and written on the package.
The petfood packages are stacked on pallets in good shape and without a damage, pass through the automatic stretching unit and take their place on our warehouse’s shelves waiting for the day to meet our pet friends.

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